WAGYOU is a Korean BBQ Grill restaurant where customers cook and grill the meat themselves. Customers can enjoy Wagyu starting from only RM 19.90.


No Need Kitchen and Kitchen Equipment

Kitchen and kitchen equipment in setting up a restaurant can incur a significant amount of capital expenditure cost, potentially consuming around 30% of budget. However, Wagyou outlet does not require kitchen and kitchen equipment as there will be no cooking activities involved in any Wagyou establishment."

No Chef/Cook

The chef is crucial in a restaurant as they determine the taste of the food. Since we don't need a chef for Wagyou restaurant, we don't have to worry about this matter.

Simple Set Up Restaurant

Inspired by the charm of classic Korean grill meat restaurants, we keep our interior design chic, straightforward, and convenient. The focus is on creating a warm and inviting atmosphere where customers can fully immerse themselves in the art of grilling.

Low Number of Staff

Wagyou Grill requires only a minimal number of staff members to serve our carefully curated selection of meat. This efficient staffing model optimises operational costs and enhances profitability. The staff's only task is to serve vacuum-packed "uncooked" meat to the customers.

Wide Range of Choice

We have a variety of meats ranging from affordable to expensive, and we also offer exclusive cuts of meat unique to WAGYOU (In-House Special Cut, Marbling and Saikoro) at a reasonable price, boasting a tenderness and juiciness that is 99% comparable to wagyu.

Premium Product

We have high-quality meat, processed in a hygienic and safe manner

Best Price Wagyu

We understand that many people are curious about wagyu, but most wagyu prices in restaurants are expensive. That's why we offer wagyu in a 50-gram portion, so that everyone can have a taste.

Wastage Policy

We have a zero-wastage policy, ensuring no food is wasted during preparation and before serving customers. From the Wagyou's perspective, there is no waste from the total food supply purchased. Research suggests an average 5% to 15% wastage rate in the industry, which can lead to a significant increase in any restaurant's operational costs

High Profit Margin

With our main core principles of a simple and minimal restaurant setup, a lean staff, and a 0-wastage policy, our business achieves a high-profit margin.

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